Onground Pool Corners

On Ground and Semi-Inground Pool Brands can be readily distinguished by the type of corners on the pool.  Pool Fits has exceptional tools to help you identify the correct corner type and size! 

What is important for the best fit is to be able to accurately identify the type and size of corner required for your vinyl liner replacement.

Onground Pool Corner Types

Square Corner

Square 90 Degree Corner - Front View

Radius Corner

6" Radius Corners - Isometric View

Cut-Off Corner

8 1/2 Inch Cut Off Corner - Isometric View

Kayak & Fanta-Sea Corners

Square Corners

Kayak and Fanta Sea Rectangle Onground Pools feature Square Corners 

Swimming Pool Liner Corner - Square 90 Degree Corner - Top View

Wilkes Corners

8-1/2″ Cut-Off Corners

Wilkes Rectangle Onground Pools feature 8-1/2 Inch Cut-Off Corners, which are also referred to as 8-1/2 Inch Diagonal Corners. 

Wilkes 8.5 Inch Cut-Off Corner - Top View

Olympic Corners

6″ Radius Corners 

Olympic Rectangle Onground Pools feature 6 Inch Radius Corners 

6 Inch Radius Corner - Top View