Onground & Semi-Inground Pool Liner Bead & Bead Types

‘Bead’ is an alternative way to attach the liner to the pool or pool coping versus ‘Overlap’, where excess material is provided to drape the liner itself over the top of the wall of the pool.  There are various types of bead, each designed by different manufacturers, over the years, to address specific issues, design methods or marketing features.

OnGround Bead Terminology

Bead is typically referred to in two-parts like the sides of a coin, the bead-‘head’ and the bead-‘tail’, as illustrated below.

Pool Fits Bead Terms

Standard Onground & Semi-Inground Liner Beads

Standard Bead

Recommended for ease of installation for pools with standard liner bead coping track it slips easily into standard liner coping track around the top of your pool wall.

Pool Fits Standard Onground Bead

Wilkes ® Bead

Wilkes® style bead is was designed specifically to install with / slip onto liner bead coping track of Wilkes ® brand rectangular aboveground / onground / semi-inground pool.

Wilkes Onground Bead

Esther Williams ® Bead

Esther Williams® style bead, also referred to as ‘Tab Bead’ or ‘E/W Bead’ is similar to standard bead in concept, but with a slightly thicker bead head and unique rounded top to the bead head. Esther Williams ® bead and was designed specifically to install into the liner bead coping track of an Esther Williams ® and/or Johnny Weismeuller ® brand above ground / on ground / semi in ground pool, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Esther Williams ® bead is inserted ‘vertically’ into the Esther Williams ® liner bead coping track, where typically most standard bead applications are inserted ‘horizontally’ into the liner bead coping track.

Pool Fits Esther Williams Pool Liner Bead

Kayak ® Style Bead

Kayak ® style bead is virtually identical to standard liner bead but with a slightly thicker width in the head of the bead.  Kayak® style bead was designed to install into the liner bead coping track of Kayak ® brand rectangular aboveground / onground pool / semi-inground. 

Kayak Onground Pool Liner Bead Profile and Isometric View