ReNew Inground Pool Liners by i2M

ReNew Inground Pool Liners use a high performance, luxury swimming pool vinyl film. Because they are made with 51% pre-consumer recycled content ReNew delivers on sustainability.  As a result, ReNew is an environmentally sound choice.  i2M is a domestic producer of decorative films in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania and innovator of ReNew. ReNew is accessible throughout North America. Consequently, you’ll be proudly buying North American!

ReNew patterns remain brilliant through the use of cutting edge UV and anti-microbial additives. ReNew doesn’t cut corners and passes vigorous testing for weldability, chlorine and abrasion resistance. Therefore, your ReNew pool liner will stay great looking!

ReNew has crisp, modern designs.  i2M’s exclusive extra large print cylinders produce a more lifelike aesthetic. Which provide great patterns to suit your style, for instance the Amazon Tile pattern featured below!

Just one inground pool liner of ReNew prevents ~150 pounds of plastic from entering the waste stream. Above all, every choice we make helps us pass on a better life for generations to come!


ReNew is rigorously certified by SCS Global. A world-class leader in third-party certification, validation, and verification for environmental, sustainability, and quality performance.  So you can ‘Proceed with Confidence’ in making an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice! 

ReNew Process & Impact

Pool Fits ReNew Inground Pool Liner Material - High Performance Sustainable and Certified

ReNew removes ~2 lbs of plastic per yard of vinyl sheeting from the waste stream. When you choose a ReNew Inground Pool Liner from Pool Fits, you’ll remove ~150 lbs of plastic from the waste stream.  When 25% of the market chooses ReNew, together we will remove ~7.5 million lbs of plastic from the waste stream each and every year.  That’s a huge impact and the reason why ReNew is the sensible and sustainable choice!  

Sustainable via Innovation by I2M

ReNew is the first significant environmental improvement in in pool vinyl film since cadmium was removed from pool vinyl in the early 1990’s.  Which is why we are so excited about ReNew.  Because making smart purchases can have a significant impact on our environment!

  • If just 25% of the Inground Pool Liners in North America were produced with ReNew, then ~7.5 million less pounds of plastic will enter the waste stream each and every year:  That’s a meaningful impact
  • Kudos to i2M for ReNew:  A Great Innovation

Our conclusion, sustainability can be part of your inground pool liner project!


Environmentally sustainable Beauty

Pool Fits ReNew Inground Pool Liner Pattern Amazon Tile

ReNew Amazon Tile – 27 Mil

Priced affordably within our Value Series Patterns