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i-Measure My Pool

i-Measure My Pool is a fast and easy mobile App available exclusively from Pool Fits to measure Swimming Pools for Vinyl Liners & Safety Covers!

That’s why i-Measure My Pool helps you to measure the pool right the first timeBecause i-Measure My Pool has an intelligent warning system, it catches common measuring issues and mistakes on the spot.  So you’ll save time and improve accuracy. i-Measure My Pool features poolside data collection and electronic submission and all of the measurements transfer digitally to Pool Fits.  Which will save you the time and effort to record and e-mail your measurements.

Our manufacturers receive the exact measurements and data from i-Measure My Pool in a CAD ready format.  As a result your pool liner or cover will be produced quickly.  This Mobile App makes it easy for the swimming pool liner and safety cover enthusiast.  With i-Measure My Pool you’ll measure exactly the way the pros measure, because the app walks you through the measuring process step by step. Which is why the app ensures an accurate and complete set of measurements. 

The i-Measure My Pool app features:

  • An intelligent warning feature to catch common errors, issues and oversights.
  • Enhanced voice recognition to free up your hands for the measuring tape, with voice parsing that allows up to five words before ‘measure’ and ‘go’!
  • Pool side dimension collection and electronic submission to Pool Fits for a seamless interface with your line and cover order.

Our i-Measure My Pool App is the best available tool to measure for in ground replacement vinyl pool liners and safety covers. 

Best of all i-Measure My Pool is free to download and free to use when you shop with Pool Fits!


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