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Whether you are shopping for a generic round or oval aboveground liner or a ‘branded’ Onground or Semi-Inground Liner Pool Fits has the product offering and expertise to meet your needs.  From our ‘Select Series’ Extra Heavy Gauge Aboveground Swimming Pool Liners to Our Shop by Brand approach, we’ve simplifed the process.  Best of all, you can reach a Pool Fits Pro for real-time knowledgable responses to your questions.  Our team can help ensure your pool liner replacement project goes smoothly:  We sweat the Details!  Best of all, we have the industries most extensive inventory, so we ship your order quickly.

Above Ground Liners

Above Ground Pools are typically Round and Oval Pools that come in two shapes:  Round & Oval.  Aboveground Pool Liners are either Overlap or Beaded and typically built to standard size specifications.   Pool Fits maintains an extensive inventory of Above Ground Pool Liners in standard size specifications.  Pool Fits also offers a complete line of Expandable Overlap liners as part of our comprehensive product offering.


Onground & Semi-Inground Liners

OnGround and Semi-Inground Swimming Pool Liners are a unique category or type of Above Ground Swimming Pool. Onground and Semi-Inground Pools can be installed completely above grade, like an Above Ground pool, or almost entirely below grade like an Inground Pool. For lack of a better way to say it, Onground and Semi-Inground Pools are ‘tweeners’.  OnGround and Semi Inground pools typically have a specific brand name and specification which are associated with a particular liner bead type, corner type, wall height and a specific set of  shapes and sizes.  Pool Fits has the knowledge, expertise and inventory to be your 1 stop shop for your Onground or Semi-Inground Pool Liner. Popular Onground Brands Include Esther Williams, Johnny Weissmuller, Kayak, Radiant, Wilkes, Gibraltar and Stealth among others!


Why 'Select Series' Extra Heavy Guage?

Simply The Best Aboveground Pool Liner Available. . . Period!

Priced competitively versus comparable so called ’25 Gauge’ or aboveground liners along with Pool Fits to support you through the selection, ordering and installation process

Our Select Series liners feature uniform material thickness throughout the entire liner, unlike our competitors that provide different thicknesses of material on the wall of the liner and the floor of the liner. We proudly tells you the mil thickness of our Aboveground Liners.  Which means your liner has heavier and thicker material than our competitors.

The Select Series vinyl liners feature unparalleled seam strength for two reasons.

  • Because our liner wall and liner floor material thickness is uniform which makes for an uniform flow rate for two pieces of vinyl as they are seamed together because it makes the strongest weld!
  • All our seams are ¾” lap welds the widest and strongest available on the market today!

Above Ground Liners from Pool Fits feature ‘Closed Loop’ raw material supply which means our Aboveground Vinyl is has the very best physical properties available on the market today!

Every Select Series liner uses raw materials that are proudly produced right here in North America and with our vendors strict quality control processes applied in ISO certified production facilities. As a result you’ll get the best aboveground pool liner on the market.

Go ahead, compare ours to any of our competitors and take a good look at what the Select Series Warranty offers.You won’t find a better warranty!

Above Ground Pool Liner Types

Standard Aboveground Round & Oval Pool Liners are available in two types:

Overlap & Beaded

Overlap Above Ground Vinyl Liners

Overlap Style

Beaded Above Ground Vinyl Liner

Beaded Style


Pool Fits Above Ground Liners feature Muli-Bead that accomodates both Standard and J-Bead/U-Bead applications for Above Ground Round & Oval Beaded Liners.  

Pool Fits Above Ground EZ Bead

Onground Liner Bead

4 of the Most Common Onground Pool Bead Types

We’ve got a every Onground Liner Bead Type and the tools to make selecting the right Liner Bead for your Replacement Onground Vinyl Liner easy!

Wilkes Pool Liner Bead - Onground and Semi-Inground

Wilkes Bead

Pool Fits - Esther Willams Bead

Esther Willams Bead

Kayak Onground Pool Liner Bead Profile and Isometric View

Kayak Bead

Inground Pool Liner - Standard Bead

Standard Bead


To see and learn about everY Aboveground & Onground Liner Bead and Bead Type ‘click’ LEARN MORE!  

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Onground Pool Corner Types

Not sure about what type of corners are required for your onground pool liner?  We’ve got an extensive library of corner types along with great visuals and tools to ensure your liner is ordered and manufactured to fit!

3 of the Most Common Onground Pool Corner Types

Square 90 Degree Corner - Front View

Square – 90 Degree
Kayak & Fanta Sea

6" Radius Corners - Isometric View

6″ Radius

8 1/2 Inch Cut Off Corner - Isometric View

8 1/2″ Cut Off

Don’t See Your Pool Corner Here?

Don’t see your swimming pool corner type here? Check out our extensive list of pool corners in the Pool Kits Knowledge Center.

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