About Us


To provide an ‘online’ resource for pool liners, safety covers and related accessories and the information, products, services and resources to ensure a successful outcome for every backyard project.


Core Values


There are a lot of ways you can characterize business relationships; customers, vendors, colleagues, employees, owners . . . the list goes on.  We think of those relationships as friends.   People, in the end analysis, are what make the world go ’round.  By doing our job well, we move past the transaction and build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships through our work.  Developing friendships is the reason we are committed to sharing our passion for pools and pool renovations.  This is accomplished by being reliable, dependable, loyal, respectful and honest in everything we do every day!


The key success factor in virtually every project is ‘know how’.  Pool Fits is fully committed to providing you with ‘what you need to know when you need to know it’!  Through perseverance and experience we continually re-educate ourselves with the information a pool enthusiast requires and depends on us to deliver.  Our customers have full confidence that the information we provide is the most current and best information available, presented visually and in a way that is easy to understand and provides what is required to drive a successful outcome for their project! 


Friendships are hard to come by and even harder to keep!  We are committed to providing an exceptional experience to our friends, both customers and vendors alike.  We believe in and are committed to ‘servant leadership’.  We are motivated and passionate above all else, to assist our friends!  We are respectful of our friend’s time and will respond promptly with the information, answers, products and the support they require.  We will meet each project with optimism and a positive attitude treating each project as ‘our own’.  We will employ ‘state of the art’ technology to ensure the transmission of information between Pool Fits and our friends is easy, efficient, helpful, intuitive and fun!


Our Value Add

  • To provide superior product and short lead-times at competative prices for Pool Liners and Safety Covers for new pools or replacement and/or renovation projects.
  • To provide best in class experience for the online purchase of liners and safety covers.
  • To provide an exceptional ‘intuitive’ online experience for liners and safety covers.
  • To bridge the gap between manufacturing and the end user to accurately measure a pool for a liner or safty cover.
  • To provide exceptional value to liner and safety cover manufacturers by providing ‘seamless’, ‘clean’ and ‘accurate’ orders that process quickly, efficiently and profitably for our vendors.  We will work with our vendors to automate the transfer of orders and related information digitally.


Tim Golden Owner


Tim Golden


Tim Golden is a former COO of North America’s largest and leading manufacturer of residential swimming pools, vinyl liners and safety covers.  With 40 plus years of swimming pool industry experience in manufacturing, design and installation: Tim knows Pools!  Tim started Pool Fits to bridge those gaps and provide information, knowledge, tecnology and support to make yout purchase a whole lot easier and your experience a whole lot better. That is why Pool Fits is available to assist you in every aspect of your project, from product selection, to quotation, to order and through installation.  We’re there when your need us, so you can proceed with confidence!