Above Ground Vinyl Pool Liners

Select Series Extra Heavy Gauge Above Ground Pool Liners

‘Select Series’ Extra Heavy Gauge Aboveground Swimming Pool Liners are the best Above Ground Pool Liner available on the market today.  Competitively priced, Select Series Liners use the thickest and best ‘domestically produced’ and ‘closed loop’ sourced vinyl sheeting available.  Every ‘Select Series’ liner is manufactured in the same factories using the same equipment and processes applied in the production of Inground Swimming Pool Vinyl Liners. Our ‘Select Series’ Aboveground Pool Liners and are backed by the strongest Warranty on the market, which means your installation will be easier and last longer!    

Why 'Select Series' Extra Heavy Guage?

Simply The Best Aboveground Pool Liner Available. . . Period!

Priced competitively versus comparable so called ’25 Gauge’ or aboveground liners along with Pool Fits to support you through the selection, ordering and installation process

Our Select Series liners feature uniform material thickness throughout the entire liner, unlike our competitors that provide different thicknesses of material on the wall of the liner and the floor of the liner. We proudly tells you the mil thickness of our Aboveground Liners.  Which means your liner has heavier and thicker material than our competitors.

The Select Series vinyl liners feature unparalleled seam strength for two reasons.

  • Because our liner wall and liner floor material thickness is uniform which makes for an uniform flow rate for two pieces of vinyl as they are seamed together because it makes the strongest weld!
  • All our seams are ¾” lap welds the widest and strongest available on the market today!

Above Ground Liners from Pool Fits feature ‘Closed Loop’ raw material supply which means our Aboveground Vinyl is has the very best physical properties available on the market today!

Every Select Series liner uses raw materials that are proudly produced right here in North America and with our vendors strict quality control processes applied in ISO certified production facilities. As a result you’ll get the best aboveground pool liner on the market.

Go ahead, compare ours to any of our competitors and take a good look at what the Select Series Warranty offers.You won’t find a better warranty!


Muli-Bead accomodates both Standard and J-Bead/U-Bead applications for Above Ground Beaded Liners.  

Pool Fits Above Ground EZ Bead


Still unsure about the type of Aboveground Liner Bead required for your DIY Replacement Above Ground Pool Liner?    

Pool Fits Standard Above Ground Bead
Pool Fits Above Ground J Hook Bead
Above Ground Uni-Bead
Esther Williams Bead - Above Ground


To see and learn about ever possible Aboveground Liner Bead and Bead Type ‘click’ LEARN MORE!  

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